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 WELCOME ABOARD!  N.A.S.A. is located in San Diego, California where we have been serving the World's Best Customers since 1987.  Our mission is to help Very Important Persons (VIPs) - like you - find promotional products to promote your business and reward your clients on an ongoing basis.  Please feel free to take a look at the variety of items listed either for current use or future planning.  All products listed are subject to availability and the price listings are base prices upon which additional charges may be added.  Any additional charges will be detailed out during confirmation prior to your order being processed or payment being made.  After the order process is complete, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

  To place your order or request additional information on any of these listings, please email us at
nasa@san.rr.com or call us at 800-374-NASA. 

*** Please Note:  We do not provide free samples.  We can provide samples for a minimum charge of $25.00, but we stand behind the quality of the products displayed on this site and the workmanship of our manufacturers.  

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